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My journey in sports and fitness began over 20 years ago. I grew up playing many sports throughout high school such as softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track & field and rugby. I carried on playing rugby through university and went on to play for the BC U19 team and a women’s’ club team in Nova Scotia while I attend Dalhousie University. My passion for health & fitness translated into me earning my Bachelor of Science with a major in Physics & a minor in Kinesiology……..the nerd in me also loved Physics!

As I started my family I found myself slipping away from team sports and more into individual sports such as triathlons and weight training. I began to become familiar in the gym and found a new love! After reading and following many women who competed and graced the covers of fitness magazines I knew where my next venture in fitness was going to be, I was going to compete in my first figure competition.

As I began this new journey to the stage I found myself pushing limits that I didn’t know I had. Being mental & physically strong had a whole new meaning as I dieted and prepped for the 2006 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic. I did know that when I stepped on the stage that I was in the best shape of my life and was proud to be next to many other women who had persevered to reach that point. Little did I know that I would go on to win the Overall title that day as well as become the Provincial Overall Champion the follow year! Needless to say I have been hooked ever since. It was in that moment that I decided to push myself to become the best I ever could and to earn my IFBB Pro Card. However, there was a brief moment on Sept.9th, 2011 that I felt that dream may never happen, I ended up breaking my fibula during one of my rugby matches. Post-surgery it took me nearly 4 months before I could even walk and get back into the gym to start training. But I am so happy to say that less than 1 year later I made my dream a reality! On Aug.11th, 2012 I was given a rare gift……..I became an IFBB PRO! All of my hard work and perseverance over the past 6 years paid off. Now I begin a whole new journey in my fitness career, new goals to set & new challenges to face.

I am beyond excited to make my Pro debut at the Tournament of Champions on Sept.8th, 2012 in California to stand among the many women that have inspired me over the years has made me feel very blessed to be given such an opportunity! I hope that you will continue to follow my journey and that I will continue to inspire you to be your best and always believe in your dreams!

Remember life is not about the number of obstacles or challenges we face but it’s about “how” we face them and the strength we gain from those journeys. Just remember that we pave our own paths, where do you want yours go?

Train Hard & Stay Beautiful

Competition History

2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, Women's Physique - 16th place
2014 IFBB Emerald Cup, Women's Physique - 9th place
2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, Women's Physique - 14th place
2013 IFBB New York Pro, Women's Physique - 16th place
2012 IFBB Pro Figure Tournament of Champions – PRO DEBUT, 16th place
2012 IFBB Pro Figure Tournament of Champions – PRO DEBUT
2012 CBBF Canadian Figure Nationals – 1st Place masters Tall, 1st Place Tall, awarded IFBB Pro Card
2011 CBBF Canadian Figure Nationals – 1st Place Tall
2011 Canadian CBBF World Qualifier – 2nd Place figure Tall
2010 North Americans Championships – 13th figure Tall
2010 CBBF Canadian Figure Nationals – 2nd Place Tall
2009 North Americans Championships – 4th Place figure Tall
2009 CBBF Canadian Figure Nationals – 6th Place figure Tall
2008 CBBF Canadian Figure Nationals – 5th Place figure Tall
2007 BC Provincial Championships – 1st Place figure Tall & Overall winner
2006 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic - 1st Place figure Tall & Overall winner